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The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side (2009)
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Title:The Blind Side
Director : John Lee Hancock,
Writer : John Lee Hancock,
Producer : Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, Gil Netter,
Country:United States of America
Runtime:129 min.

 Production Company:Alcon Entertainment, Left Tackle Pictures, Zucker/Netter Productions


Oversized African-American, Michael Oher, the teen from across the tracks and a broken home, has nowhere to sleep at age 16. Taken in by an affluent Memphis couple, Michael embarks on a remarkable rise to play for the NFL.
Sandra Bullock
Tim McGraw
Quinton Aaron
Lily Collins
Jae Head
Ray McKinnon
Kathy Bates
Kim Dickens
Adriane Lenox
Catherine Dyer
Sharon Conley
Andy Stahl
Tom Nowicki
Libby Whittemore
Brian Hollan
Melody Weintraub
IronE Singleton
Omar J. Dorsey
Paul Amadi
Ashley LeConte Campbell
Jody Thompson
Matthew Atkinson
Michael Lewis
Timothy M. Bourne
Molly Smith
Erwin Stoff
Carter Burwell
Alar Kivilo
Mark Livolsi
Ronna Kress
Michael Corenblith
Yolanda T. Cochran
Steven P. Wegner
K.C. Hodenfield
Mary H. Ellis
Susan Benjamin
Ralph Nelson
Julia Michels
Adam Milo Smalley
Dan DiPrima
Gail Hunter
Daniel Orlandi
Amanda Zenil
Brad Sherman
Steve Pederson
Thomas Minton
Sarah Mays
Taylor Knight
Jon Johnson
Sandy Gendler
Robert Troy
Vanessa Lapato
Drew Ponder
Lonnie R. Smith Jr.
Monty Rowan
Oliver Hug
Keith N. Collis
Holiday Landa
Keith Bilderbeck