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Paper Parachutes (2011)

Paper Parachutes (2011)
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Title:Paper Parachutes
Director : Katie Pow,
Writer : Katie Pow,
Producer :
Country:United Kingdom
Runtime:73 min.
Genre:Drama, Family, Adventure

 Production Company:


Paper Parachutes is a children's fantasy short film about obsessively ordered nine year old Miles, who receives his birthday presents via parachute from his high flying Uncle Ed. From his 9th birthday onward, Miles is on a year long mission to complete the 10 perfect paper airplanes in order to have his hero Uncle return by parachute on his 10th birthday. Miles creates such a strong imagined world about his Uncle that he almost entirely fails to see the efforts his hopeless disorganized parents make to keep his dreams alive.
Vincent van Ommen
Bonnie Williams
Cody Peereboom
Daan Nieuwenhuijs