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Frozen (2010)

Frozen (2010)
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Quality : HD
Director : Adam Green,
Writer : Adam Green,
Producer : Peter Block, Cory Neal,
Country:United States of America
Runtime:93 min.

 Production Company:ArieScope Pictures, A Bigger Boat


When three skiers find themselves stranded on a chair lift at a New England ski resort that has closed for the next week, they are forced to make life or death choices that prove to be more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.
Emma Bell
Shawn Ashmore
Kevin Zegers
Ed Ackerman
Rileah Vanderbilt
Kane Hodder
Adam Johnson
Chris York
Peder Melhuse
Nancy Nayor
Kane Hodder
Don Schain
John Penotti
Tim Williams
Andy Garfield
Will Barratt
Micah Gallo
Sean Rowe
Dean W. Miller
Barbara Nelson
Brian Sullivan
Brian Wilcox
Michael Hogan
Joe Barnett
Wray Featherstone
Jason Richard Miller
Tyler A. Hawes
Chris Hanson
Katherine Rose
John Farr
Fred Hayes
Mathew Waters
Bryan Pennington
Bryan McBrien
Richard T. Olson
Edwin Matsu
Robin Michelle Patrick
Russell Evans
Phil Lee
Steve Bartkowicz
Natalie Cass
Brooke Westberg
Barry Tuttle
Suzanne Bingham
Carole Fontana
Amanda Essick Burrell
Mark Ward
Meredith King
Raymond Sleeman
Greg T. Moon